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Authors & TitleVolumePage
Abraham, J. Johnson. Remembrance of Sunday Service 1870-80's576
Adams, Trevor. Memories of the silver screen1549-50
Adams, Trevor. Shipping at Coleraine harbour17 16-17
Alexander, Rev. T.T. Twenty Third Psalm in Braid Scots566
Anderson, Garth. Lodge Cottage1877-79
Anderson, Robert. 17th century shipbuilding in Coleriane2421
Anderson, Robert. A story revealed2055-56
Anderson, Robert. Bann & Thorn ships of S.W.Coe1026-31
Anderson, Robert. Building the Barmouth1489-94
Anderson, Robert. Co. Londonderry shipwrecks344-47
Anderson, Robert. Coleraine afloat249-11
Anderson, Robert. Coleraine Town Hall1431-33
Anderson, Robert. Current directory of "listed" & other important buildings in Coleraine2449-53
Anderson, Robert. Encounter with the enemy2134-37
Anderson, Robert. Fishing location names on River Bann2285-88
Anderson, Robert. Forty years afloat. Foyle and Bann Shipping Association2435-36
Anderson, Robert. Jutland centenary2249-50
Anderson, Robert. Kitty of Coleraine – a forgotten steamship1054-55
Anderson, Robert. Local crested china895-96
Anderson, Robert. Local sailor's war121-4
Anderson, Robert. Missing "Man"2467
Anderson, Robert. Mod revival or mid life crisis1871-73
Anderson, Robert. My message bike1089-90
Anderson, Robert. Passenger ship services from Portrush & Coleraine1144-48
Anderson, Robert. Plantation – what's that?1654-55
Anderson, Robert. Port of Coleraine135-38
Anderson, Robert. Portrush shipwrecks811-14
Anderson, Robert. Portstewart "Postcript"2412
Anderson, Robert. Princess Victoria disaster91-7
Anderson, Robert. River Bann pilots161-6
Anderson, Robert. Some school memories1818-19
Anderson, Robert. Whiskey receipt2470
Anderson, W.Steen. Rowing, Boat racing on River Bann 1842-80676-98
Annals of Clonmacnoise.Visit of Edward Bruce to Coleraine 1315569
Anon, Kitty of Coleraine2372-74
Anon. Aghadowey Poultry Club. (Report) 19341061
Anon. Coleraine war memorial2271
Anon. Early lending libraries - at a cost2633
Anon. Electric lights lament2567-68
Anon. History from postcards - Kilrea233
Anon. Oath of a Mayor during the reign of George II 1727-17601912-16
Anon. One of the trim little borough's colourful sons (Jim Neely)2246-47
Anon. Our genuine Coleraine: an Irish anacreontic789-91
Anon. Postcards from the past569-79
Anon. Some Coleraine firsts5 102
Anon. Things your parents may have said to you2182
Bacon, Derek. "The Lady Herself": a romance2646-51
Beach, Richard. Beamish family956-61
Belfast Newsletter. Extracts 1765, 1766145-46
Belfast Newsletter. Market for age 18017 87
Bell, David A. Joseph Gordon of Ballymoney2629-32
Bellas, Hugh. Bellas family2270
Black, Gladys. Hub of the house940-42
Bones, Billy. A family history in question2669-70
Brindle, Robert. Ulster's first part-music flute band6111-115
Caldwell, Trevor. Colonel "Bob" Holmes - an Aghadowey hero2328-29
Caldwell, Trevor. McCurley family from Ballyrashane - farmers, adventurers & WW1 soldier2528-30
Caldwell, Trevor. Ringsend Primary School2757
Caldwell, Trevor. William (Billy) Cook - footballer "Son of Coleraine" 1909-19922413-16
Callan, Aaron. ‘Fighting Nicolls’ - The Life and Career of General Sir Edward Nicolls KCB,
Callan, Aaron. Forgotten man of Ulster politics or Carson's lieutenant - Rt Hon. H.T. Barrie241-6
Cameron, Heather J. Ellerslie's Emerald Entertainers1230-34
Cameron, James et al. Calendar of events from Coleraine's turbulent past533-38
Cameron, James. “Best Colerains”134
Cameron, James. A day at the Irish Society boys' school1820
Cameron, James. Boer War tribute medals1858-61
Cameron, James. Bringing the house down266
Cameron, James. Coleraine illuminated 1789211
Cameron, James. Coleraine streets – old names & locations1152-54
Cameron, James. Coleraine terraces, names & locations943-48
Cameron, James. Curfew bell130
Cameron, James. Earl Bishop at Downhill250-52
Cameron, James. Hatter maddened332
Cameron, James. Letter from abroad 1880461-63
Cameron, James. Philosophy, theory & practice331-32
Cameron, James. Portrush rock326-27
Cameron, James. University of Coleraine463
Cameron, James. Well Well!131-32
Cameron, James. Who was “Say Aye John”?133
Cameron, Janella. Memories from parish of Kildollagh1255-60
Cameron, Murray. Gone with the wind201-5
Campbell, Margaret. Portstewart's first cinema1440
Campbell, Margaret. Saturday school15108-109
Cargill, David.C. A curious tale - story of a silver snuff box593-95
Carson, Sarah. Sam Henry1864-65
Cassells, J. “The Inst at 150”1669-75
Castleroe School Bazaar 1913. Selection from the souvenir quotation book2266
Clayton, Jean. Brief review of Corrstown excavation in Portrush2189-90
Clayton, Jean. Colebreene Farm, Loughan Road, Coleraine2340-42
Clementson, J.N. Public medical relief in Coleraine district 1835156-60
Clemetson, J.W. Coleraine markets699-101
Clemetson, J.W. Coleraine parish342-43
Coleraine Chronicle. 1845,1847 excerpts236
Coleraine Chronicle. Coleraine soldiers welcome home (1901)8117
Coleraine Chronicle. Cromore tragedy 1892441-45
Coleraine Chronicle. Downhill strand races 18565107
Coleraine Chronicle. Summer1088
Coleraine Chronicle.Coleraine & neighbourhood 60 years ago - 18602183-85
Coleraine Constitution 1900. (List of) Visitors at the seaside Portstewart147-49
Coleraine Distillery2550
Coleraine Old Boys Association magazine - the indispensable man1053
Coyle, Madeline.C. Loreto convent in Coleraine1155-66
Crawford, George. Atlantic Barbell Club996-100
Crawford, George. Lilliput laundry1345-46
Crawford, Peter. Before Ballinrees: The McKinlay and Quigg Finds of Roman Coins 2872-77
Crawford, Peter. Neither raid nor trade? How did the Coleraine Hoard get to Ireland?2533-37
Crosby, Alan. Seaweed2138-39
Cuellar, Don Francisco de. Castleroe after Armada 1588570
Cunning, Charlie J. Bann regatta143-44
Cunning, J.C. Ode to the burned-out ruin of Northern Counties Hotel1022
Cunning, Pat. Obituary 2884
Cunningham, Jennifer. “The Shop”876-79
Cunningham, Jennifer. “Woolies”1451-52
Cunningham, Jennifer. Alexander Anderson 1858-19361619-20
Cunningham, Jennifer. Ancient Coleraine ceremony1550
Cunningham, Jennifer. Anderson Park968-69
Cunningham, Jennifer. Andrew Orr – Aghadowey poet163-64
Cunningham, Jennifer. Arrival of the steam thresher154
Cunningham, Jennifer. Ballyrashane tank2015-16
Cunningham, Jennifer. Bann drainage scheme1441-44
Cunningham, Jennifer. Bann Rowing Club1427-30
Cunningham, Jennifer. Bathing at Portrush1596-99
Cunningham, Jennifer. Boiling house165
Cunningham, Jennifer. Browns of Trienaltenagh1989-91
Cunningham, Jennifer. Coach Building in Coleraine2162-65
Cunningham, Jennifer. Coleraine Corporation962-67
Cunningham, Jennifer. Coleraine Linnets827-52
Cunningham, Jennifer. Coleraine Whiskey138-13
Cunningham, Jennifer. Coleraine's bridges5 1
Cunningham, Jennifer. Crossing the Lower Bann 2725-29
Cunningham, Jennifer. Culcrow corn mill267-70
Cunningham, Jennifer. Culcrow mill revisited1293-94
Cunningham, Jennifer. D.Moore & Sons Ltd.860-64
Cunningham, Jennifer. Diving displays – a photographic history1149-50
Cunningham, Jennifer. Down to the Port – a day at the seaside1137-43
Cunningham, Jennifer. Dr. Drummond Grant20 33
Cunningham, Jennifer. Early memories of J. Johnston Abraham1276-78
Cunningham, Jennifer. Early sand racing and time trials in N.W. Ulster2046-51
Cunningham, Jennifer. Elocution classes1437-38
Cunningham, Jennifer. Emigration to N. America from lower Bann Valley539-41
Cunningham, Jennifer. Extracts from journals of A.H. Moody, Magilligan & Coleraine1351-60
Cunningham, Jennifer. Famous Portstewart landmark1589-90
Cunningham, Jennifer. Fishing industry in Portstewart234-13
Cunningham, Jennifer. Further memories of Irish Society Schools in Coleraine8110-114
Cunningham, Jennifer. George Brockerton747-59
Cunningham, Jennifer. Gift box1752-54
Cunningham, Jennifer. Grain milling in Coleraine1880-88
Cunningham, Jennifer. Guiding in Coleraine1622-41
Cunningham, Jennifer. H. & T. Bellas1348-49
Cunningham, Jennifer. Hearth money rolls599-101
Cunningham, Jennifer. History of cinema in Coleraine1539-48
Cunningham, Jennifer. Horse fairs and markets1469-73
Cunningham, Jennifer. Hugh Thom Barrie1980-82
Cunningham, Jennifer. James & Katherine McFaull1757-58
Cunningham, Jennifer. James McCook1845
Cunningham, Jennifer. Jimmy Kennedy – a writer of songs261-62
Cunningham, Jennifer. Keeping the past alive1477-78
Cunningham, Jennifer. Killowen Male Voice Choir151-16
Cunningham, Jennifer. Laundry services in the 20th century1340-46
Cunningham, Jennifer. Life & times of Mary L. Elder (nee Watt)1263-68
Cunningham, Jennifer. Linnets fly home for happy reunion927-29
Cunningham, Jennifer. Long way from Mountsandel to New Zealand1380-83
Cunningham, Jennifer. Loughan1251-54
Cunningham, Jennifer. Maddybenny Bible Class2143-46
Cunningham, Jennifer. Major Arthur Rowley Heyland. Hero of Waterloo2129-33
Cunningham, Jennifer. Mavis's Merry Men985-87
Cunningham, Jennifer. McCooks of Garvagh, Australia & New Zealand1957-62
Cunningham, Jennifer. McMurtry's saddlery13 47
Cunningham, Jennifer. Memories of a 50's childhood in Coleraine454-60
Cunningham, Jennifer. Memories of Irish Society Schools61-46
Cunningham, Jennifer. Millburn House2178
Cunningham, Jennifer. More Coleraine blacksmiths1332-35
Cunningham, Jennifer. News of emigrants719-20
Cunningham, Jennifer. Pat Curry- well known fly dresser from Coleraine2321-25
Cunningham, Jennifer. Portrush & Coleraine laundry1340-46
Cunningham, Jennifer. Portrush hotels1593-95
Cunningham, Jennifer. Portstewart's first regatta1581-83
Cunningham, Jennifer. Potato planting1295-97
Cunningham, Jennifer. Prata digging time1075-77
Cunningham, Jennifer. Quotations & sayings1091-93
Cunningham, Jennifer. Rampart Band988-89
Cunningham, Jennifer. Recitations remembered3 48
Cunningham, Jennifer. Reid's Terrace1666-68
Cunningham, Jennifer. Remembering Gallipoli2170-71
Cunningham, Jennifer. Robert “Stamper” Thompson990-93
Cunningham, Jennifer. Rural gateways351-53
Cunningham, Jennifer. Rural smiths, Aghadowey, Agivey & Macosquin 1840-1986320-25
Cunningham, Jennifer. Rural tradesmen & entertainers446-50
Cunningham, Jennifer. Shirt-making industry in Coleraine975-84
Cunningham, Jennifer. Story of a headstone221
Cunningham, Jennifer. Swinging sixties1971-74
Cunningham, Jennifer. Tappietousie557-58
Cunningham, Jennifer. The other Kitty of Coleraine1056-57
Cunningham, Jennifer. Townlands1874-76
Cunningham, Jennifer. Unveiling of Blue Plaque to Rev. James McGregor2173
Cunningham, Jennifer. Unwelcome guests?1222
Cunningham, Jennifer. Update on local historical issues2273-78
Cunningham, Jennifer. Window into the past1134-36
Cunningham, Jennifer. Windsor Quartet1032
Cunningham, Jennifer. Young's Nurseries2350-62
Dallas, George. Orrs of Keely and Millburne2178-81
Dee, Roslyn. Bells, bibles, lupins, love2241-45
Deering, Joanne. Celebrating Hugh Thomson 1860-19202622-23
Delaney, Mary. Visiting the Giant's Causeway 1758574
Derry & Antrim Yearbook 1899. Pearls of the Bann2296
Derry & Antrim Yearbook 1904. Labourers' cottages in Coleraine rural district598
Derry & Antrim Yearbook 1904. Well known Character – George McMath5103
Derry & Antrim Yearbook 1922. Bathing belles in Portrush 1922581
Derry & Antrim Yearbook 1928. How to manage a wife819
Derry & Antrim Yearbook 1929. Inscription for a sundial2248
Derry & Antrim Yearbook 1929. Smile mottoes554
Derry & Antrim Yearbook 1929 .Carelessness532
Derry & Antrim Yearbook 1947. Cutting the churn440
Derry & Antrim Yearbook 1947. Tolerably sober 440
Derry & Antrim Yearbook 1954. Gleanings of other days (new line to Ballymoney)2327
Derry & Antrim Yearbook 1954. Historical facts of the trim little borough, 1818, 1832, 1839.2349
Derry & Antrim Yearbook 1958. Ancient Coleraine Ceremony1061
Dixon, Harold. C.A.I. Medallion Team 1947-482835
Doherty, Roger. Memories of childhood1048-53
Douglas, J.McGregor. Moonlight in old Coleraine542
Douglas, J.McGregor. Village natural5104
Downs, Nan. Rural tailoring222-28
Edmiston, David. Terrace in our town949-55
Fairley, James. Barry's Amusements1186-89
Fetridge, Harrison. Family album363-64
Fitzgerald, Paddy. Emigration from Coleraine district & Irish emigration database project714-18
Forrest, Robert M.Given manuscripts98-23
Forrest, Robert M.Given manuscripts Part 21033-47
Forrest, Robert. Application lists for freedom of Corporation of Coleraine 1801-321033-47
Forrest, Robert. Early Coleraine marriage “strays” 1655-17711554-68
Forrest, Robert. Early wills relating to Coleraine & district1223-29
Fraser, Thomas G. Andrew Bonar Law and the Creation of Northern Ireland2743-46
Gahan, Audrey. Archaelogical excavations at Stone Row Coleraine140-42
Gamble, Ronnie. MacLaughlin family1963-69
Gilmore, George. 18th century Coleraine1681-86
Gilmore, George. Agivey brick & tile works1656-64
Gilmore, George. Coleraine marriages from C18th newspapers1794-97
Gilmore, George. Colerains – quality Irish linen1939-40
Gilmore, George. Collins scutch mills35
Gilmore, George. Laying foundation stone of new bridge at Coleraine (1842)1952-53
Gilmore, George. Made in Coleraine2074
Gilmore, George. Rev. J. Bryce, Killaig 1805-57451-53
Gilmore, Michael. U.S. 82nd. Airborne Divison209-11
Girvan, Donald. History of St. Mary's Priory Coleraine52-32
Given, M. Big bang1210
Given, Max. Camus ford161-62
Given, Max. Castle of Coleraine792
Given, Max. Cromie Family2375-76
Given, Max. Famine5101
Given, Max. High cross at Camus-juxta-Bann310-14
Given, Max. Improvements at Portrush1151
Given, Max. Priest's road in parish of Camus-juxta-Bann1078-83
Given, Max. Woman's campaign12111
Glassford, James. McGrotty's Hotel (The Clothworkers' Hotel) 1824575
Gregg, Harry. Talk given to Society 17.11.2009167-14
Gribbon, Griselda.J. Early days at Coleraine Cottage Hospital1018-21
Gribbon, H. Edward Gribbon & Sons1336-39
Gribbon, H.D. Coleraine harbour in WW22471-74
Griffin, Brian. William M. Woodside (1860-90). Coleraine's forgotten cycling champion2425-34
Haines, Keith. No longer strangers in a strange land1211-21
Hall, Norman. A pioneer in agricultural education150-53
Hamill, Maud. Castlerock man saves life of Duke of Edinburgh111-4
Hamill, Maud. Dinnings before Australia1889-91
Hamill, Maud. Extracts from McComb's Directory 18611768-75
Hamill, Maud. Mills of Tullaghbane15104-107
Hamill, Maud. Sarah's story125-9
Hamill, Maud. Sir Alan Cobham's Flying Circus visits Coleraine141-5
Hamilton, Eileen. A very remarkable man (Henry Hamilton)229-36
Hamilton, Tom. Bishops – a family business865-67
Harding, Barbara. An Unexpected Delivery to Somerset House2761-65
Harding, Barbara. Coleraine Inns and Hotels2634-44
Harding, Barbara. Coleraine Library2558-60
Harding, Barbara. Coleraine Methodist Church 2740-42
Harding, Barbara. Cromore and some of its Inhabitants Part 1 2843-51
Harding, Barbara. Don’t Believe all you Read in the Newspapers 2812
Harding, Barbara. Funeral of Florence Lady Garvagh - a macabre tale2531-32
Harding, Barbara. Gentlemen’s Residences2732-35
Harding, Barbara. Milly2659
Harding, Barbara. Miss Charlotte C. Harkin - Coleraine composer2664-68
Harding, Barbara. Postcards of the Past2730-31
Harding, Barbara. Princess Gagarine253-10
Harding, Barbara. Recruiting for WW1 at Portstewart2710-14
Harding, Barbara. Sundial engraved by John Foster, 18232626
Harding, Barbara. Thomas Cromie at the Battle of Waterloo2125-28
Hart, Nuala M. Seasonal entertainments in Portrush 1895-19151167-77
Hazlett, H.A. Kennedy's foundry253-56
Heaney, Seamus. The wife's tale1 55
Hegarty, R. Ulster on the eve of the Plantation1941-51
Hemphill, Betty. Granny's 1940/50's school days1841-42
Henry, Sam. Woods of Mountsandel582-86
Henry, Samuel R. Public transport services in Portstewart115-34
Heyland, John. Letter from the past1 26
Heyland, John. Window on the past 1785359-60
Hezlett, Hugo. Hugh Kennedy the clock maker127-29
High Court of Admiralty Examinations 1637. Deposition of Robert Shawe5 102
Hill, Barbara. Dixon's of Coleraine587-92
Hill, Barbara. Dr. John Bodkin Adams 1899-198341-7
Hill, Barbara. Events gleaned from Derry & Antrim Yearbook1445-48
Hill, Barbara. John Lawrence 1811-791615-18
Hill, Barbara. John McCullough, "The Eminent Tragedian"1384-92
Hinchliff, Mary et al. More history of Guiding171-6
Hinchliff, Mary. WVS in Coleraine1743-47
Holmes, Richard. Migration from the Bann Valley in summer 17182173-77
Hunter, Jim. Coleraine regatta437-39
Hutchinson, Pamela. Childhood in the Old Rectory Macosquin 1947-54247-8
Hutchinson, Pearl. Garvagh Museum 2836-37
Irwin, Norman. Short history of the Bengers Factories Coleraine2229-33
Jarvis, Sheila. Candle still burns1776-78
Johnson, Jack J. Last man's club of Battery “B”206-8
Kane, Andrew. Estates of the Church Family in Coleraine221-24
Kane, Andrew. The Muster Roll and Great Parchment Book2769-78
Kane, Andrew. Town Book of Coleraine - the prequel part 1, 1604-16222613-21
Kane, Hugh. Cholera in Coleraine and Portstewart2852-53
Kennedy, Billy. McKinneys of Kilrea & East Tennesse765-69
Kerr, Elizabeth M.F. Fearful tragedy & great sensation781-83
Kerr, Jon. Kerrs of Roselick1393-94
Kirkpatrick, Ashleigh. Famous sons & daughters project1481-88
Kirkpatrick, Chris. Carson & the Ulster Covenant in Coleraine1850-57
Kirkpatrick, Chris. Irish Open Golf tournament at Portstewart (4-9 July 2017)2457-59
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Childhood mortality in Victorian times 2658-59
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Church ceiling falls on young lady2348-49
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Coleraine Orange Hall centenary1739-42
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Coleraine student witnesses the 1916 East Rising2225-28
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Conclusion to "Short Tale of a Steam Roller"2172
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Cromie Institute Portstewart2234-40
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Early golfing days on the Causeway Coast1584-88
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Excerpts from a gunner's diary146-13
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Fading memories of “The High”1821-23
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Fall of the Lombard1466-68
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Henry Cummins – road contractor1517-20
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Occupations of a Coleraine family. Part 12437-39
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Occupations of a Coleraine family. Part 22517-19
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Short tale of a steam roller1954-55
Kirkpatrick, Diana. Stormy Weather at Portstewart 2766
Kirkpatrick, Diana. The Perils of the Sea 2813-15
Kirkpatrick, Jim. Visit to Coleraine 19171373-77
Knox, Alastair. History of chipboard manufacturing in Coleraine131-7
Knox, Samuel. Knox's farewell763-64
Laird, Elizabeth B. All I know of my mother's forbears1279-92
Lake, Eric. Coleraine Vietnam war veteran - a personal account2345-47
Lake, W.F. Around the car parks315-19
Lake, W.F. Shops and businesses of Coleraine880-91
Lake, William E.E. Todd family & a connection with Todd Shipyards Corporation, U.S.A.2570-72
Lake, Willie F. Hillman's Fancy1 39
Langdale, Eileen. Ferris's in Coleraine1992-94
Laverty, Will. Legend of the dark hedges2343-44
Leslie, Mildred. Snapshot of my early days in Portrush81-7
Lewis, Jeremy. Riverside Theatre. Inception and early years2545-49
Lockhart, Jennifer. Story of a Garvagh girl2315-20
Logan, Deborah. Cromore Tragedy441-45
Logan, Deborah. Helen O'Hara 1845-19201618
Logan, William C. Lane less travelled1748-51
Lunney, Linda. Coleraine school prize list 18091665
Lunney, Linda. To know Coleraine is to know Dr. Boyd211-24
Lyttle, Noel. Just a token search1574-80
MacFarlane, Lane. Growth of motor trade in Coleraine853-59
MacLaughlin, Dan. Glimpses of old Portrush88-10
MacLaughlin, Dan. John McCullough (1832-85) from eviction to theatre stardom897-103
MacLaughlin, Dan. Notes on origins of the town of Portstewart166-67
MacLaughlin, Dan. Sale of 2 farms1298-101
MacLaughlin, Dan. Story of the Carrig-na-Cule71-5
MacLaughlin, Dan. The Screen973-74
Macneice. Portstewart c1912577
Madill, Elizabeth K.C. William Kelly 1860-1934559-65
Marshall, Jon. Andrew McLean May – an appreciation672-75
Martin, Derek. Who was Freeman Wills Crofts?1064-67
May, Andrew McLean. Bronze age burials666-71
McAlister, Jacqueline. Ardbana Terrace784-87
McAlister, Jacqueline. Back home in old Coleraine36-9
McAlister, Jacqueline. Barons of Coleraine10 9-17
McAlister, Jacqueline. Coleraine Hoard470-73
McAlister, Jacqueline. Coleraine Model School1835-37
McAlister, Jacqueline. Entertainment in the '50's – Coleraine Chronicle adverts1474-76
McAlister, Jacqueline. Hillman family in the New World770-80
McAlister, Jacqueline. Investigating Mountsandel cottage17-9
McAlister, Jacqueline. J. Johnston Abraham1416-26
McAlister, Jacqueline. Jimmy Kennedy celebration concert970-72
McAlister, Jacqueline. Kennedy's foundry1314-25
McAlister, Jacqueline. Memories of childhood179-15
McAlister, Jacqueline. Postcards from the past569-79
McAlister, Jacqueline. Town Hall a little deja-vu257-60
McAlister, Jacqueline. Who shot Cushy Glenn?647-58
McAlister, Jacqueline. Woman of 3 cows1068-69
McAlister, Maggie. Arrives Coleraine as a student 1987579
McAllister, Alec. Wullie's motor car14 39
McAllister, Nuala. Music societies & choral tradition in Coleraine 1830-19146102-110
McCaughan, Alison. Clothworkers, the Plantation of Ulster & the village of Articlave191-11
McClean, Trevor. William (Bill) James Boyle2326-27
McClean, Uel. Old Portstewart924-26
McCloskey, Colum. Jack2065-66
McCloy, Margaret. Blagh Primary School in 1950's1838-39
McCollum, John K. Aristocrat of fibres & an Ulster scutch mill122-25
McCollum, John K. Bryces of Killaig1084-88
McCracken, Stephen. The Blind Harper of Magilligan 1695-1807 2828-32
McCurry, Victor M. My father's tea10 8
McDonald, John. Story of a family business with 3 generations of McDonald family2279-84
McDonald, Tommy. 2nd Coleraine Old Boys’ Silver Band- 1950s
McDonald, Tommy. Coleraine Workhouse treat 193819 70
McDonald, Tommy. Distillery up for sale1988
McDonald, Tommy. Gribbon's Mill falls to demolisher's hammer19 56
McDonald, Tommy. Half a century of local history publications2660-63
McDonald, Tommy. Paddy Byrnes994-95
McDonald, Tommy. Trades & professions in Coleraine 100 years ago (1913)1927-33
McFadden, Fiona. 3rd Coleraine Guides2443-44
McGrattan, Hugh. 1892 & Portrush goes to the polls1862-63
McGrattan, Hugh. Bath house, stables, garage, Portrush1378-79
McGrattan, Hugh. Black Man at Ballywillan177-8
McGrattan, Hugh. Coleraine Museum - an embarrassed silence2191-92
McGrattan, Hugh. Cycling Around Coleraine 120 Years Ago 2825-27
McGrattan, Hugh. Fighting the Cold War on Cranagh Hill1983-87
McGrattan, Hugh. First Derry & Antrim Yearbook 18991569-73
McGrattan, Hugh. In search of William Adams1245-47
McGrattan, Hugh. Last sailing for Portrush container service2465-66
McGrattan, Hugh. Memories of M. I. P. – My Memorable Aunt2747-50
McGrattan, Hugh. Night my father was shot2072-73
McGrattan, Hugh. Nineteen eighty-four101-5
McGrattan, Hugh. Photographic memories1866-70
McGrattan, Hugh. Port without a port2067-71
McGrattan, Hugh. Portrush 1900815-19
McGrattan, Hugh. Portrush General Holiday1755-56
McGrattan, Hugh. Portrush Mission is no more2440-42
McGrattan, Hugh. Remembering Robert251-2
McGrattan, Hugh. Story of a book with a happy ending and a moral2422-24
McGrattan, Hugh. The Last of the Light Brigade 2736-39
McGrattan, Hugh. Wartime censorship uncovered1642-45
McGrattan, Hugh. We're gonna hang out the washing20 12
McGrattan, Hugh. Yesterday's news1434-36
McIntosh, Eleanor. Phantom was well within the woodwork12102-103
McIntosh, Elinor Maureen George. Obituary

McKay, Bertie. Role of commercial fisherman in fisheries management115-21
McKay, Jeannie. Memories of old Coleraine27-11
McNaughton, Virginia. R.N.D. Wilson 2878-82
McPhillimy, Harry. A Few Snippets on the History of Mountsandel – 2718-24
McRobert, Alan. Memories of the '50s, '60s and '70s2035-38
Meehan, Helen. George Montgomery1779-88
Millar, James. Portstewart's appalling sea tragedy659-65
Millar, James. Soiree & ball at Ballywillan788
Moffatt, Thomas. F. Johnstons of Drumsaragh Townland1453-65
Molyneux, Dr. Thomas. Coleraine 1708572
Moore Collection 2838-42
Moore, Alison. Rev. J. Simpson's first journey to America1180-85
Moore, David. Home thoughts from Oz2166-69
Moore, Lawrence. Wilson Edgar1687-97
Morrison, John. Commercial salmon fishing on the Bann & north coast181-17
Morrison, John. Record shops1521-28
Mullan, John. Garvagh businesses1326-27
Mullan, John. Pat the peddlar & other Garvagh characters354-58
Mullin, T.H. Bannfield over four centuries110-14
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Wilson, Peter. Portrush peat1846-49
Wilson, Rev. T.T. Curfew bell8115-116
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Yates, Orreen. On the way to school1722-23


Aghadowey Poultry Class, 1920's1061
Bellemont – A Prize Winning Farm820-23
Boiling House165
Butter Making Class1062
Cattle Exhibitors, Coleraine Show, 19321058
Cattle Measure, 1894 – 1900361
Cutting Peat580
Cutting the Churn440
Farmers of Culnaman, 19241876
Fish runs at Salmon Leap6125
Fish traps at Movanagher6125
Hiring Fair28
Horse Fairs and Markets1469-73
Large Log being removed from Garvagh Demesne c.190018iv
Pioneer in Agricultural Education150-53
Potato Masher1194
Potato Planting1295-96
Prata digging time1075-77
Rural Gateways351-53
Sale of 2 Farms1298-101
Steam Thresher, Arrival of154


Ballyrashane Gold Hoard8104-109
Bann Disc16
Bann Disc25-6
Beaghmore Stone Circles3iii
Before Ballinrees: The McKinlay and Quigg Finds of Roman Coins2872
Bronze Age Burials, Knocknacart666-71
Coleraine Hoard470-73
Coleraine Hoard - neither raid nor trade?2533-37
Coleraine war memorial2271
Dunalis Souterrain and Ogham Stone, 2861
Famine, Coleraine5101
Giant's Sconce7 6-13
High Cross of St. Comgall at Camus-juxta-Bann310-14
Portrush Rock326-27
Priests' Road, Camus1078-83
Siege of Coleraine, 1642570
St. Mary's Priory, Coleraine52-32
Stone Row, Coleraine, archaeological excavation140-42
Update on local historical issues2273-78
Vanishing Ancient Monuments to the South of Portstewart424-36

Book Reviews & Listings

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Death Notices & Obituaries

Anderson, Robert251-2
Anderson, Roy2366
Bigger, Frederick G.N.1897
Bigger, Margaret Browne2198-99
Buchanan, David17106
Cameron, Jim26
Cameron, Susan12124
Clarke, Joanna15116
Clemetson, Jim12124
Craig, Terence1998
Cunning, Pat2884
Cunning, Rita2365
Dobson, John2478-79
Edmiston, David12124
Falkner, Sarah Jane (Jean)2364
Faulkner, Mary1998
Girvan, W.D.6120
Gribbon, Dr. H.6121
Hamilton, Tom2477
Hemphill, Ken2479
Jones, Mike2779-80
Kane, Hugh10102-103
Kennedy, Marie9110-111
Lake, W.F.6120
Leitch, Cecil26
Lockhart, Stanley26
MacLaughlin, Dan1998
Marshall, Jon26
Martin, Joyce9111
McAlister, David T.17105
McAlister, Jacqueline Hope2475-76
McIntosh, Elinor Maureen George 2883
McNabb, William6121
Moore, Dr. Royall20101
Mullin, Julia2293-94
Mullin, Rev.Dr. T.H.12124-125
Nesbitt, Jim26
Nesbitt, Mary1896
Rogers, I.1998
Scott, John10101-102
Smith, Margaret S.15115
Soye, Pat9110
Stewart, Anne26
Temple, Dr. Margaret2198
Vowles, Margaret (Peggy)1999
White, Stanley26
Woodman, Peter Charles2367


Oor Last Pig567-68
Some Local Sayings1093
Twenty third Psalm in Braid Scots566


Ballyrashane Primary School, 1974, P1-4 1844
C.A.I. - The Early Forties. A Memoir31-4
C.A.I. a boarding master's tale2454-56
C.A.I. Arch6124
C.A.I. Medallion Team 1947-482576
C.A.I. Medallion Team 1947-482835
Coleraine High School old print22xiii
Coleraine High School Senior 2 Class 194117x
Coleraine Model School1835-37
Coleraine School prize list, 18091665
Coleraine Technical School T3 & T4, 195920iv
Coleraine Technical School Teaching Faculty, 195920x
Coleraine Technical School, original15110
County Library Service, establishment of263-65
Cranagh National School21 xi
Cromore School17iii
Culcrow Football Team, 1950-511844
Cullyvenny National School464-66
Damhead National School21xiii
Droghed National School gateway, Agivey798
Dundooan School (n.d.)2468
Dundooan School c1910, c1930;s, 193523viii-ix
Elocution Classes1437-38
Fading Memories of “The High”1821-24
Fifty years of the University in Coleraine2417-20
Gorran Primary School Blackhill choir 19602267
Granny's 1940's/1950's School Days & “The Blue Water”1841-42
History of Technical Education in Coleraine1825-34
Irish Society's Boys' Football Team 1949-19502187
Irish Society's Girls' School Pageant c. 1940's19ix
Irish Society's School chimney480
Irish Society's School early 1940's 2575
Irish Society's School in the 20th Century61-46
Irish Society's School Tircentenary1191-93
Irish Society's School, 1927 – 19368110-114
Killeague National School c. 19121844
Killowen Primary School 1923 2574
Macosquin Primary School junior choir1074
Macosquin, old Richardson Memorial School plaque5109
Misses Thompson's Girls' Schools113-14
Moneydig Primary School, 19931843
No longer strangers in a strange land:Campbell College in Portrush 1940-461211-21
North West of Ireland Society's Agricultural Seminary150-53
Portstewart National School21xi
Pupils at Gordonville, 1905894
Recollections of a day at the Irish Society Boys' School1820
Rev. Bryce's Classical School451-52
Ringsend Primary School (Trevor Caldwell)2757
Rural Schools Swimming Gala c19751843
Saturday School15108-109
Schools' Cup Final, C.A.I. Supporters, 1924892
Some School Memories1818-19
Story of Loreto Convent in Coleraine1155-66
The Inst” at 150: a sesquicentenary review1669-75
University of Coleraine (15th Century)463


Dinnings before Australia1889-91
Emigrants, News of, from local press719-20
From Bann Valley936
From Bann Valley in summer 17182173-77
From Coleraine District714-18
From Dunboe Parish934
From Garvagh935
From the Lower Bann Valley to North America539-41
To Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania930-38
Home thoughts from Australia2166-69
Irish Emigration Database714-18
It's a long way from Mountsandel to N.Zealand (Currie/Curry families)1380-83
Johnstons of Drumsarragh & Sorrel Bridge, New Brunswick1453-65
Kerrs of Roselick1393-94
Local Emigrants of the 1920's8118-119
McCooks of Garvagh, Australia & New Zealand1957-62
McCullough, Jane and John897-103
McKinneys of Kilrea & East Tennessee765-69
News of emigrants719-20
Wyllys of Coleraine, the West Indies & Georgia543-52

Historical Records

18th Century Coleraine from newspapers1681-86
Archibald Stewart's Report and Map 1738 & 1758 48-16
Book of Coleraine, 1816513
Book of Coleraine, 1816649
Bronze Age Burials, Knocknacart, Crossgare666-71
Calendar of Events from Coleraine's turbulent Millenium, 1002-1999533-38
Carew's Map, 161154
Castlerock - echoes of the Boer War2460-64
Census Substitutes (19thC.)911
Cholera in Coleraine and Portstewart2852
Coleraine harbour in World War II2471-74
Coleraine Parish, 1836342-43
Current directory of "listed" & other important buildings in Coleraine2449-53
Derry and Antrim Yearbook, First, 18991569-73
Fishery of the Cutts 1689571
Freedom of Corporation of Coleraine, Application Lists, 1801 – 32911
Freedom of Corporation of Coleraine, Application Lists, 1801 – 321034-35
Given, Maxwell MSS98-23
Given, Maxwell MSS1033-47
Griffith's General Valuation of Rateable Property in Ireland, 1859524-26
Hearth Money Roll, Town and Parish of Coleraine, 1663599-101
Hearth Money Rolls, 1663910
Hearth Tax Roll, Dunboe Parish, 1663915
Heyland, John – Letter 1784126
Historical facts of the Trim Little Borough, 1818, 1832, 18392349
History of the site of St. Mary's Priory Coleraine52-32
Jackson Estate Rentals, 1800911
Jackson Estate Return, 1800916-18
List of Coleraine Mayors 1610 – 1840 (incomplete)1915-16
Marriages – some early Coleraine (and District) “strays” 1655 – 17711554-68
McComb's Directory 1861, extract1768-75
Murder at Ballyrashane - The Killing of William Loggan, February 1642, Bill Wilsdon 285
New Row Presbyterian Church registers2075-97
O'Hagan's Map, Coleraine, 1845520-23
O.S. Map, Coleraine, 1833518-19
O.S. Map, Coleraine, 1837520-22
Oath of a Mayor during the reign of King George II, 1727 – 601912-14
Public Medical Relief in Coleraine District, 1835156-60
Raven's Map of Coleraine, 162254
Siege of Coleraine 1642570
Snippets from the Northern Constitution, 193512104-106
Some early wills relating to Coleraine & district1223-29
Stewart, A., Coleraine, Report & Map, 1738 & 175848-23
Subsidy Rolls, 1662-7912-14
Tennant, John, Extract from Journal, 1789 – 1790331-32
Tennant, John. Extract from Journal, 1789211
Tennant, John. Extract from Journal, 1790266
The Muster Roll and Great Parchment Book (Andrew Kane) 2769 -78
Visit of Edward Bruce to Coleraine 1588570
Waterside Applotments, 18129 11
Waterside Applotments, 1812919-23
Whiskey receipt 18832470


75 years on - WW2 relics in the local area 265-12
Abraham. J. Johnston1416-26
Aghadowey soldier dies of wounds2013
Ballyrashane tanks2015-16
Beamish Family956-61
Boer War tribute medals1858-61
Boyle, William (Bill) James2326-27
Coleraine soldier's welcome home (1901)8117
Coleraine Vietnam war veteran - a personal account2345-47
Coleraine War Memorial2271
Colonel "Bob" Holmes - an Aghadowey hero2328-29
Drinking the Brown Trout dry 333-35
Extract from a gunner's diary 1940-45148-13
Extraordinary life of a Coleraine chaplain - James Gilbert Paton 2511-16
Fighting Nicolls’ - The Life and Career of General Sir Edward Nicolls KCB. Aaron Callan 281
Fighting the Cold War on Cranagh Hill1983-87
Heyland, Arthur Rowley, Major. Hero of Waterloo, 1781 - 18152129-33
Jutland centenary2249-50
Last man's club of Battery "B"206-8
Local sailor's war121-4
McCurley family, Ballyrashane, farmer... & WW1 soldiers2528-30
Nurse's story - Mary Morrell2652-57
Quinn, Edward (Ned)2014
Recruiting for WW1 at Portstewart (Barbara Harding)2710-14
Remembering Gallipoli2170-71
The last of the Light Brigade2736-39
Thomas Cromie at the Battle of Waterloo2125-28
U.S. 82nd. Airborne Division209-11
Wartime censorship uncovered1642-45
We're gonna hang out the washing2012-13


2nd Coleraine Old Boys’ Silver Band- 1950s2866
10th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Railway Road, Coleraine2011
1892 & Portrush goes to the Polls: account of an Election 120 years ago1862-63
After the Covenant1917-26
At the Arcadia c. late 1950's1840
Back Home there in Old Coleraine – Family Letters36-9
Ballyrashane tank2015-16
Big Bang12 10
Boer War Tribute Medals1858-61
Captain John Vendrell meets Queen at Portrush579
Castlerock Man Saves the Life of the Duke of Edinburgh111-4
Causeway Museum Service9101-103
Causeway Museum Service – Famous Sons and Daughters Project1481-88
Clothworkers, the Plantation of Ulster & the village of Articlave191-11
Coleraine Corporation, 1738962-63
Coleraine Firsts5102
Coleraine Historical Society, Foundation of101-5
Coleraine Workhouse Treat 193819 70
Conclusion to "A Short Tale of a Steam Roller"2172
Curfew Bell8115-116
Curious tale - story of a silver snuff box593-95
Don’t Believe all you Read in the Newspapers 2812
Election, Coleraine, 1832964-66
Extracts from The Belfast Newsletter, 1765-6145-46
Family Album – Journey from Greenock to Aghadowey, 1885363-64
Fight for the Union: Carson & the Ulster Covenant in Coleraine1850-57
Garvagh Museum2836
Garvagh wedding, early c20th1058
Gift Box1752-54
Gone with the wind201-5
How the Jeep got its name20 13
How to Manage a Wife819
Interesting events gleaned from the Derry and Antrim Yearbook1445-48
Invalid Chair1195
Just a Token Search1574-80
Keeping the Past Alive1477-80
Last man's club of Battery B206-8
Letter from Abroad, 1880461-63
Local Crested China895-96
Making connections – Rev. William Robinson1414-15
Making Sure the Local Press Didn't Help Hitler: Wartime Censorship Uncovered1642-45
Man Trap1194
Moore Collection 2838
Mr & Mrs Tom Connolly cutting peat in Cullyvenny Moss580
Night my father was shot2072-73
Open letter to Coleraine Historical Society re Causeway Museum Service12107-110
Ordnance Survey Markers Around Coleraine2867
Phantom was well within woodwork12102-103
Plantation – what's that?1654-55
Portrush mission is no more2440-42
Portrush Peat1846-49
Prices of household necessaries in 19165108
Quotations and Sayings1091-93
Rope Twister1195
Say “Aye” John133
Short Tale of a Steam Roller1954-55
Story of a book with a happy ending and a moral2422-24
Swinging sixties1971-74
The Mystery of the County Boundary Markers (Bill Wilsdon) 2758-60
The Perils of the Sea 2813
Things your parents may have said to you2182
U.S. 82nd. Airborne Division209-11
Ulster on the Eve of the Plantation1941-51
Unwelcome guests1222
Victorian Post Box near Drumaheglis2539
Visitors at the seaside, Portstewart, 1900147-49
War on the Home Front – WVS in Coleraine during WWII1743-47
We're gonna hang out the washing2012
Yesterday's News1434-36


Abraham, J. Johnson576
Abraham, J. Johnson1276-78
Abraham, J. Johnson: a remarkable man1416-26
Adam, William. Seafarer, scholar, historian and storyteller1245-47
Adams, Dr. John Bodkin, 1899-196341-7
Adams, Tommy22 xi
Aghadowey soldier dies of wounds20 13
An Unexpected Delivery to Somerset House – Porteous, Albert Gordon (Barbara Harding)2761-65
Anderson, Alexander, 1858 – 19361619-20
Anderson, Hugh. J.P.968
Ardens Sed Virens - Rev. William Lyle and Rev. W F Marshall (Geoff Warke/Barbara Harding)2767-68
Averell & Lloyd Families of Ireland and Australia1724-38
Barrie, Hugh T.1980-82
Barrie, Rt Hon Hugh T. Forgotten man of Ulster politics or Carson's lieutenant241-6
Beamish Family956-61
Bellas family2270
Birth of the Royal Ulster Constabulary - Wickham, Charles George, Gelston, John Fitzhugh, Goodwin, William Richard, Miller, William Verner, Tyrrell, Frederick Rufane St. Lawrence and Cherry, James (Sam Trotter)2751-56
Bishop of Derry and the Bishop of Barf2029-32
Black Man at Ballywillan177-8
Boat House. Seven men2186
Boreland, W.F. (Princess Victoria passenger)9 7
Boyd, Rev. William539
Boyle, William (Bill) James2326-27
Brockerton, George747-59
Browns of Trienaltenagh1989-91
Bryce, Rev. James of Killaig451-53
Bryces of Killaig1084-88
Bryson, Nancy Adair (Princess Victoria passenger)96
Butler, Hubert263-65
Byrnes, Paddy8113
Byrnes, Paddy994-95
Byrnes, Paddy10vi-vii
Cameron, Thomas (Snr.) & Thomas Cameron (Jnr.) Church St., 19001330
Cargill, David593-95
Church ceiling falls on young lady2348-49
Clarke, Adam1248-50
Clarke, Rev, Matthew539-40
Cobham, Sir Alan John's Flying Circus visits Coleraine141-5
Coleraine Corporation2569
Coleraine Families, 19th Century963-64
Coleraine Methodist Church – Wesley, John and Galt, John
Barbara Harding
Coleraine student witnesses the 1916 Easter Rising2225-28
Coleraine Urban Council at Anderson Park 19111553
Coleraine, Barons of109-17
Cook, William (Billy). Footballer "Son of Coleraine", 1909 - 19922413-16
Crawford, Elizabeth (Princess Victoria passenger)96
Crofts, Freeman Wills1064-67
Crofts, Freeman Wills c18871484
Cromie and Montagu Cromore and some of its Inhabitants Part 12843
Cromie family2375-76
Cu Chulainn7 6-8
Cummins, Harry – Excerpts from a Gunner's Diary, 1940 – 1945146-13
Cummins, Henry, road contractor1517-20
Cuppage, Stephen M.P.18
De Cuellar, Don Francesco570
Delaney, Mrs. Mary574
Dickie, Albert (Princess Victoria passenger)96
Dinnings before Australia1889-91
Dinsmore, Private John. Welcome Home (1901)8117
Doherty Family, Portstewart see TRADE AND INDUSTRY – Anchor Bar
Doherty, Gerry2370
Doherty, Heather Ann2188
Doherty, James & Harry, Portstewart660-61
Douglas, William257-59
Douglas, William1068
Dr. Drummond Grant2033-34
Edgar, Mrs Lily (nee Watt). Life and times 1908 -1263-64
Edgar, Wilson1687-97
Elder, Thomas of Gortfad1840
Estates of the Church Family in Coleraine221-24
Ferris's in Coleraine1992-94
Francey, David (Princess Victoria passenger)97
Gentlemen’s Residences (Barbara Harding)2732-35
Girl from Theatre Street2521-27
Given, Maxwell, Manuscripts98-23
Given, Maxwell, Manuscripts1033-47
Glass, Duncan2370
Glassford, James575
Glenn, Cushy647-58
Goodfellow, Ben 1864-1946. Journey to Ireland 18811934-38
Gregg, Harry – talk to Coleraine Historical Society167-14
Grimason, Tommy176
Grossie, Harry2267
Guiler, Rev. Wm1665
Hamill, Charles H2268
Hamilton Family – see TRADE AND INDUSTRY – Bishops
Hare and Hanger families – see PEOPLE – Coleraine, Barons
Hartin, Brian – youngest exhibitor at Coleraine Cage Bird Society December 19531553
Hempson, Denis - The Blind Harper of Magilligan 1695 -18072828
Henry, Robert2268
Henry, S.R.71-5
Henry, Sam1071
Henry, Sam1864-65
Hervey, Frederick, Earl Bishop250-52
Hervey, Frederick, Earl Bishop897
Heyland, Arthur Rowley, Major,. Hero of Waterloo2129-33
Heyland, John126
Heyland, John359-60
Hillman Family139
Hillman Family770-80
Holmes, Colonel "Bob" - an Aghadowey hero2328-29
Hopkins Family648-57
Johnstons of Drumsarragh Townland Co. Londonderry & Sorrel Ridge, New Brunswick1453-65
Kane, William2269
Kelly, William559-65
Kennedy, Hugh – Clockmaker127-29
Kennedy, Jimmy and Michael Clark2052-54
Kennedy, Jimmy. 970-72
Kennedy, Jimmy. A writer of songs261-62
Kerr, James (Princess Victoria passenger)96
Lady Garvagh, funeral - a macabre tale2531-32
Lake, Eric. Coleraine Vietnam war veteran a personal account2345-47
Lascelles,Lewis - who was he?2335-39
Law Family721-46
Law, Andrew Bonar737-41
Law, Andrew Bonar.2743-46
Lawlor, John H.781-83
Lawrence, John - 1st Baron Lawrence (1811-1878)1615-18
Leonard, John596-97
Local sailor's war121-4
Logan, William
Murder at Ballyrashane - The Killing of William Loggan, February 1642.
Lord Garvagh's Norwegian legacy1975-79
MacDonald, Alexander W.R.22xv
MacDonald, Louisa Marta22xv
MacDonald, Sir Godfrey, Third Lord22xv
MacFarlane – see TRADE AND INDUSTRY, Motor Trade
MacLaughlin Family1963-69
MacNeice, Louis577
Mann Family81-7
May, Andrew McLean - an appreciation672-75
McAfee, John1071
McAlister, Maggie579
McBlain Family8102-103
McCandless, Betty2267
McCandless, Matthew in his forge in Lime Market Street19ix
McClean, R. (Princess Victoria passenger)96
McCook, James1845
McCooks of Garvagh,Australia & New Zealand1957-62
McCormick, Arthur David- a Coleraine life recovered212-20
McCullough, John897-103
McCullough, John10vi
McCurley family from Ballyrashane - farmers, adventurers & WW1 soldier2528-30
McFaul, James and Catherine1757-58
McGregor, Rev. James - unveiling of Blue Plaque2173
MCKENZIE, Herbert Houston - Portstewart Police Sergeant’s Life-saving Cooking Skills, Sam Trotter PEOPLE (HERBERT HOUSTON MCKENZIE)2833
McKinneys of Kilrea & E. Tennessee765-69
McLaughlin, Gerry2370
McMath, George5103
McNeary's, Lower Main Street, Garvagh1857
Memories of M. I. P. – My Memorable Aunt –Maud Isobel Peden
(Hugh McGrattan)
Millar Family659-65
Moffatt, Ann Roberta2188
Molyneux, Dr. Thomas572
Montagues of Cromore441-45
Montgomery, George. !st Bishop of Established Church, Derry1779-88
Moody, A.H. Extracts from journals1351-60
Mooney, John (Princess Victoria passenger)96
Mooney, Kevin (Princess Victoria passenger)96
Mooney, Mrs John (Princess Victoria passenger)96
Moore, James833-34
Moore, W. "Speedy"2436
Morrison Family876-79
Morrow, James A. (Princess Victoria passenger)97
Mullan, Francis (Princess Victoria passenger)97
Mullan, Rosemary (Princess Victoria passenger)96
Murray, Captain Roy578
Nesbitt, Jimmy – Early Years1646-53
Nicolls, Edward - Fighting Nicolls’ - The Life and Career of General Sir Edward Nicolls KCB,281
O'Hara, Helen (1845-1920)1618
Occupations of a Coleraine family, Part 22517-19
Occupations of a Coleraine family. Part 12437-39
One of the trim little borough's most colourful sons (Jim Neely)2246-47
Orr, Andrew. The Aghadowey Poet163-64
Orrs of Keely & Millburne2178-81
Owens, Trefor2370
Parker, John. Portstewart "postscript"2412
Pat Curry - well known fly dresser from Coleraine2321-25
Pat the Pedlar & other Garvagh Characters354-58
Paton, James Gilbert. Extraordinary life of a Coleraine chaplain2511-16
Philips, George573
Pocock, Dr.571
Princess Gagerine253-10
Pringle, Davy2436
Quinn, Edward (Ned)2014
Rice Family524-26
Richardson, Rev. William326-27
Robinson, Rev. William1414-15
Rogers, Thomas (Shirt Factory)11vii
Sarah's story125-9
Schwarzenegger, Arnold998
Scilley, Bob996-100
Scott, Miss. C.H.S. principal22xiii
Shields, Patrick (Princess Victoria passenger)96
Simpson, Rev. Jonathan. First Journey to America1180-85
Sinclair, Maynard (Princess Victoria passenger)97
Smiles, Sir Walter (Princess Victoria passenger)97
Steen, Richard1071
Stewarts of Appin and Lismoyle760-62
Story of a Garvagh girl2315-20
Tennant, John (1788)574
Thackeray, William M.575
The Last of the Light Brigade - John Hewitt – (Hugh McGrattan)2736-39
Thomas Cromie at the Battle of Waterloo2125-28
Thompson, Robert “Stamper”990-93
To know Coleraine was to know Dr. Boyd211-24
Todd family and a connection with Todd Shipyards Corporation, U.S.A.2570-72
Two Coleraine Rugby Men (George Hinchcliff and Potts Harper) author: Geoff Warke2715-17
Two notable Castlerock families2057-64
Unravelling a Coleraine Family Mystery1757-58
Vendrell, Captain John579
Vesey, Rev. Thomas570
White Family – see REMINISCENCE, Memories of New Row
Wilson, R N D
Wilton, John A. (Princess Victoria passenger)96
Woman's Campaign12111
Woodside, William Millar (1860-90). Coleraine's forgotten cycling champion2425-34
Woolsey, John. Station master at Castlerock 1862-18862445-48
Youngs of Bellemont820-23


A Few Snippets on the History of Mountsandel 2718-24
An Unexpected Delivery to Somerset House - Porteous, Albert Gordon (Barbara Harding) 2761-65
Anderson Park966-69
Anderson Park drinking fountain1699
Anderson Park, park keeper's house9105
Anderson Park, shelter for former drinking fountain478
Anderson Park, sundial20102
Ardbana House9105
Ardbana Terrace784-87
Ardens Sed Virens - Dunboe, First and Castlerock Presbyterian (Geoff Warke/Barbara Harding)2767-68
Around the Car Parks (Coleraine)315-19
Atlantic Circle, Portstewart926
Ballycastle Road, Coleraine10vii-ix
Ballycastle Road, Coleraine, early 1900's2270
Ballynameen Bridge, Garvagh8121
Ballysally House9104
Ballywillan Old Church2539
Ballywillan Old Graveyard school2539
Bank of Ireland, Coleraine362
Bannfield House9104
Bannfield House9109
Bannfield House1094
Bannfield Over Four Centuries110-14
Bayview Hotel, Portballintrae21vi
Belfast Bank, part of facade478
Belfast Savings Bank15111
Blackheath House, Aghadowey14104
Blue Pool, Portrush1699
Bovagh House. Aghadowey14102
Bowling Green Coleraine111
Brief review of Corrstown excavation in Portrush2189-90
Bushmills Road, Coleraine796
Camus Cross at Old Camus Graveyard479
Camus Ford161-62
Camus Ford1081
Camus Graveyard162
Camus Monastery1079-81
Captain Street drinking fountain479
Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge12113
Carrig-na-Cule Hotel7 1-5
Castle of Coleraine 792
Castlerock 1942578
Castlerock – 12 Apostles6124
Castlerock postcards from the past2730-31
Castlerock Railway Station15viii
Castleroe after Armada 1588570
Castleroe House 12115
Chapelfield House974
Church of St. John the Evangelist, Coleraine973-74
Cinema History in Coleraine1539-48
Clothworkers' building1892
Colebreene Farm, Loughan Road, Coleraine2340-42
Coleraine 1708572
Coleraine – C19th Artist's Impression, Pictures 1 & 2.1845-18571766-67
Coleraine bridge, old lamp standard5110
Coleraine Constitution office gargoyle6124
Coleraine Courthouse & Cottage Hospital, early 1900's795
Coleraine Diamond Parade 191121xiv
Coleraine Distillery2550
Coleraine Hospital, nurses' home8120
Coleraine Library2558-60
Coleraine market yard, entrance Limemarket Street8121
Coleraine Methodist Church2740-42
Coleraine Museum - an embarrassed silence2191-92
Coleraine old courthouse, facade5109
Coleraine Streets – Old Names and Locations1152-54
Coleraine Terraces943-48
Coleraine Terraces10ix
Coleraine Town Hall – a short history1431-33
Coleraine Town Hall coat of arms479
Coleraine Town Hall, weathervane8120
Coleraine Workhouse Door8120
Coleraine Workhouse Reception building1892
Corporation Arms Hotel12103
Corporation Arms Hotel15111
Cottage Hospital Coleraine1018-21
Covenanters Meeting House at Ringrashmore2538
Cromore (House) Tragedy441-45
Cromore and some of its Inhabitants Part 12843
Crossing the Lower Bann2725-29
Cutts House1395
Diamond, Coleraine (1842)575
Downhill - burning of2573
Downhill Castle897-98
Downhill Castle14104
Downhill Castle15vii
Downhill Castle (intact)16viii
Dunalis Souterrain and Ogham Stone, 2861
Dunboe, Second, Church & graveyard8120
Dunedin Terrace949-55
Dunedin Terrace1893
Fishing location names on River Bann2285-88
Flowerfield Arts Centre – its past history328-30
Fountain in front of Coleraine Courthouse1699
Foxhunter's Inn964-65
From Hathrantone to Star of the Sea - Catholic places of worship in Portstewart2251-64
Fun and Games on Ramore Head2816
Gaol, Coleraine (1834)112
Gardens and Band, Porttrush12113
Garvagh clock tower5109
Garvagh Rectory9 104
Garvagh Wedding1058
Gentlemen’s Residences – (Breezemount, Ballysally, Millburn, Farmhill, Kenvarra, Bannfield.
(Barbara Harding)
George's Place Coleraine2469
Giant's Causeway (1758)574
Henry's Corner, Portstewart75
Herring Pond, Portstewart1676-80
Hillman's Fancy139
Kerr Street, Portrush1059
Kilrea - Bann Bridge21ix
Kilrea Diamond21ix
Kilrea old pump5109
Kilrea pump16100
Kilrea- history from postcards233
Knox Houses, Hanover Place1798
Labourers' Cottages in Coleraine Rural District598
Laurel Hill House8121
Lizard Manor, Aghadowey14 103
Lodge Cottage – If These Stone Walls Could Talk1877-79
Lodge Road Coleraine, pre 19272265
Lodge, Portstewart Road, Coleraine1799
Lombard, the fall1466-68
Looking towards the Promenade. Portstewart1911
Low Rock Castle Portstewart16100
Macosquin – sexton's house, parish church6125
Macosquin – St. Mary's Church, lepers' window6125
Manor House, Coleraine572
Manor House, Coleraine792
Manor House, Coleraine9 105
Market, Coleraine1061
McGrotty's Hotel, 1824575
Methodist Church Coleraine,original in Queen Street2469
Methodist church, Coleraine, front doorway5110
Mill Dam Coleraine, Site of19x
Mill Pond, Railway Road12114
Millburn House9104
Millburn House22xv
Mountpleasant, Mountsandel Road1893
Mountsandel Cottage17-9
Mountsandel Wood585-86
Mullaghmore Airfield, 1945. Drinking the Brown Trout dry333-35
Murder Hole651-52
New Row Presbyterian Church 14103
New Row Presbyterian Church excursion 19101450
New Row, Coleraine868-75
New Row, Coleraine. Early photograph21xiv
Northern Counties Hotel1023-25
Northern Counties Hotel c1902-190721viii
Old Portrush in Photographs824-26
Orr Memorial Fountain479
Park Keeper's Cottage9 105
Paupers' Graveyard, Coleraine2278
Pearls of the Bann2296
Pig Weighbridge, Coleraine1095
Pilgrim Steps, Portrush Harbour8v-vi
Poor House graveyard memorial, off Ballycastle Road478
Port without a port2067-71
Portrush Glimpses, 1869 & 190688-10
Portrush Hotels1593-95
Portrush postcards from the past2541
Portrush postcards from the past2730-31
Portrush Strand Promenadec 1902 - 190721viii
Portrush, 1900815-19
Portrush. Giant's Head & Whiterocks 1753573
Portrush. What was it like in 1605?1235-44
Portstewart c1912577
Portstewart Castle & Bay c1910577
Portstewart Harbour665
Portstewart Harbour12112
Portstewart Hotels that have come and gone2542-43
Portstewart Hotels that have come and gone2542-43
Portstewart postcards from the past2540
Portstewart War Memorial12112
Portstewart's famous landmark1589-90
Portstewart, 1912577
Portstewart, origins of the town166-67
Post Office, old, Coleraine1798
Postcards of the Past -Portrush & Castlerock (Barbara Harding)2730-21
Priests' Road, Camus1078-83
Railway Hotel, Portrush1799
Recruiting for WW1 at Portstewart
(Barbara Harding)
Reid's Terrace, Coleraine1666-68
Ringrash More Covenanting Meeting House2864
Riverside Theatre Coleraine. Inception & early years2545-49
Rock Ryan, Portrush14104
Rockcastle, Portstewart8121
Rockcastle, Portstewart16100
Rocola Works (Rogers)975-77
Rose garden sun dial, Coleraine1798
Rural gateways351-53
Salem Lodge14103
Salmon Leap571
Scots quarter in Coleraine2561-66
Shelbourne Hotel15111
Somerset House1095
St. John's Parish Church, Killowen, vault479
St. Malachy's Old Chapel, Interior15x
St. Malachy's Old Church at Long Commons15ix
Stormy Weather at Portstewart
(Diana Kirkpatrick)
Strand Road Coleraine, building of in 19262296
Terraces, Coleraine10ix
The White House, Portrush c. 189119vi
Toberdoney Meeting House, 1870's – 1880's576
Tower House, Portrush15110
Town Hall (Coleraine) Renovation, 1901257-60
Town Hall Coleraine c1910578
Views of Portstewart - Phillips Garage at Portmore Road1974
Views of Portstewart – Duck Pond, The Crescent c 19301996
Views of Portstewart – Herring Pond at Atlantic Circle19xii
Views of Portstewart – High Road in the Early C20th1933
Views of Portstewart – Looking towards the Prom1911
Views of Portstewart – Opening of Scout Hall 31.5.341994
Views of Portstewart – Promenade early 1920's1995
Views of Portstewart – RAF Plane over the Beach1996
Views of Portstewart – Railway Station (Cromore Halt)1988
Views of Portstewart – School Football Team with teacher Bertie Morrison 19551995
Watchhouse in former Ballydevitt Bleach Green478
Waterford Place527-28
Waterford Place1094
Waterside Coleraine. Station master's house & buildings14102
Wells (of Coleraine)131-32
Whitehall Chambers15110
Wren's Nest, Ballydevit, Aghadowey12114

Poems & Songs

A Blade o' Dulse1190
Bann at Oul Coleraine2034
Bann Rowing Club1430
Bringing in the Spuds1077
Burning of Downhill2573
Bush o' the Hill562
Coleraine Regatta437-39
Cuil-Rathean, Lines787
Death of Cock Robin993
Electric lights lament2567-68
Famous Men18ix-x
Fifty Years Ago349-50
Flo's Letter348
Indispensable Man1053
Inscription for a sundial2248
Jimmy Kennedy972
Kitty of Coleraine1056
Kitty of Coleraine2372-74
Knock! Knock! Who's there?2363
Knox's Farewell763-64
Language of the Council Room966-67
Legend of the dark hedges2343-44
Lines on Cuil-Rathean787
Linnets of Coleraine837
Lovely Loughan1264
Maiden's Request348
Moonlight in Old Coleraine542
My Father's Tea108
Northern Counties Hotel, Portrush, Ode to1022
Old Show Fire1261-62
On the Way to School1722-23
Our Genuine Coleraine (Whisky)789-90
Planting the Murphys1296
Portrush: A Visitor's Appreciation1148
Red Sails in the Sunset262
Savannah Ducks991-92
Selection from the souvenir quotation book, 19132266
Spaniard may boast of his Sherry790-91
To T.S.J. (Thomas Stuart Jackson)559
Travellers Home965-66
Village Natural5104
Wife of Llew829
Wife's Tale155
Woman of Three Cows1068-69
Woods of Mountsandel582-85
Your Name1021

Recreation & Organisations

3rd Coleraine Guides2443-44
Atlantic Barbell Club996-100
Australian Bowling Team visiting Coleraine late C19th178
Ballymoney Races, Cockfighting, 1766146
Ballywillan Protestant Flute Band (advertisement), 1899788
Bann Regatta143-44
Bann Rowing Club526
Bann Rowing Club1427-29
Bann Rowing Club16xi
Bann Rowing Club Crews at Bannfield House 19192188
Barry's Amusement Park & Children's Railway, Portrush1188
Bathing at Portrush1596-99
Bell Ringers of St. Patrick's Church 19221449
Big Sunday2039-45
Boatracing on the River Bann, 1840 – 1880676-98
C.A.I. 1st XV, 1883-18841552
C.A.I. Cast of Play16x
C.A.I. Rifle Club 19061449
C.A.I.Medallion Team 1947-482576
Coleraine and District Music Societies, 1830 – 19206110
Coleraine Bowling Club c1900-191016ix
Coleraine Bowling Club, 1908580
Coleraine Cage Bird Society2187
Coleraine Drama Club 1944-1949237-49
Coleraine Drama Club 1949-1952336-41
Coleraine Drama Club 1952-1954467-69
Coleraine Field Club1059
Coleraine Fife and Drum Band c. 1920's6113
Coleraine Football Club (n.d.)2416
Coleraine Football Club, 1932210
Coleraine Historical Society committee 2015-1621100
Coleraine Historical Society, 25 years1529-33
Coleraine Historical Society, Foundation of14-5
Coleraine Historical Society, Foundation of101-5
Coleraine Historical Society, Ohio6vi
Coleraine Linnets Choir827-52
Coleraine Linnets Choir927-29
Coleraine LOL 316 Band, 1877893
Coleraine Model School Football team 1945168
Coleraine Music Festival. Centenary1534-38
Coleraine Old Boys' Silver Band, Second22ix
Coleraine Olympic Football Team, 1927892
Coleraine Orange Hall Centenary 1911-20111739-42
Coleraine Orchestra, 18951070
Coleraine Orchestra, 18951552
Coleraine Rowing Club676-98
Coleraine Rugby Club16x
Coleraine Woolworth's Quartette1551
Cycling Around Coleraine 120 Years Ago2825
Diving Displays – a photographic history1149-50
Down to the Port – a day at the seaside1137-43
Downhill Strand Races, 18565107
Early Golfing Days on the North Coast1584-88
Early sand racing and time trials in N.W. Ulster2046-51
Eighty years of Youth Hostelling on the North Coast1789-93
Ellerslie's Emerald Entertainers1230-34
First Coleraine Presbyterian Church Choir, 1944794
First Portstewart Guides c. 191717 x
Fishing Party picnicking at White Rocks c. 18601148
Fun and Games on Ramore Head2816
Guiding in Coleraine1622-41
History of Coleraine Art Society2017-28
History of Motor Cycling in N.W. Ulster1759-65
Irish Open Golf Tournament at Portstewart (4 -9 July 2017) 2457-59
Keep her lit. Development of cycling in Coleraine area 1880-19602147-61
Killowen Male Voice Choir151-16
Local Musicians1071-74
Maddybenny Bible Class2143-46
Mavis's Merry Men985-87
More history of Guiding – Musings of 3 Old Campers171-6
Motor Cycle Racing in Portstewart 1930's553-54
Mrs Jarley's Wax Works Drama Production 193217xii
Music and Choral Societies in Coleraine, 1830 – 19146102-110
New Year's Eve Ball, Northern Counties, Portrush, 1937-381025
Pierrot Troupe which performed in Portrush c. 1930's14vii
Portstewart's First Cinema1440
Portstewart's First Regatta1581-83
Rampart Band6111-115
Rampart Band988-89
Route Naturalists' Field Club, May 19571721
Rural Entertainers449-50
Salvation Army Band c. 1928 -193011viii
Salvation Army Boys' Band c. 1920's1072
Schools' Cup Final Supporters, St. Patrick's Day, 1924892
Soiree and Ball Ballywillan, 1899788
Spark upon the Bann1718-21
Terrace Row Presbyterian Church459
Twelfth of July Parade, Bridge Street c. 1900/1016viii
Two Coleraine Rugby Men – (Geoff Warke) 2715-17
Types of entertainment in the 50's – a trawl through the Coleraine Chronicle ads.1474-76
Westbrook Football Club 19132186
Windsor Quartet1032


All I know of my mother's forbears1279-92
Ancient Coleraine Ceremony1550
Arrival of the Steam Thresher154
Bells, bibles, lupins, love2241-45
Ben Goodfellow's journey to Ireland 18811934-38
Boiling House165
Candle still burns1776-78
Childhood in the old rectory, Macosquin 1947 - 1954247-8
Coleraine & neighbourhood 60 years ago - 18602183-85
Dolls of Christmas past1269-70
Edwardian summers: seasonal entertainments in Portrush1167-77
Fighting the Cold War on Cranagh Hill1983-87
Garvagh Museum2836
Hub of the House940-42
Jutland centenary2249-50
Lane Less Travelled1748-51
Memoirs from the Parish of Kildollagh1255-60
Memories of a childhood living beside the River Bann179-15
Memories of a fifties childhood454-60
Memories of an amateur Thespian1178-79
Memories of childhood1048-53
Memories of M. I. P. – My Memorable Aunt –Maud Isobel Peden
(Hugh McGrattan)
Memories of New Row, Coleraine 868-75
Memories of Old Coleraine27-11
Memories of the '50s, 60's and '70s2035-38
Memories of the Irish Society's Schools, Coleraine61-46
Memories of the Silver Screen1549-50
Nineteen eighty-four101-5
North-West 200924-25
Personal reminiscences of the Linnets Choir827-29
Photographic memories of my “Developing “ Years1866-70
Postcards from the past2169-79
Postcards of the Past – Portush & Castlerock (Barbara Harding)2730-31
Remembering Gallipoli2170-71
Remembering Robert251-2
Snapshots of my early days in Portrush, 1903 – 200181-7
Swinging Sixties1971-74
Tea in a tin can106-7
Window into the Past1134-36
Window on the Past159-60


17th century shipbuilding in Coleraine2421
“Bann” and “Thorn” Ships1026-31
Coleraine afloat249-11
Coleraine Harbour old barges21xiii
County Londonderry Shipwrecks344-47
Dockers at the Harbour, Coleraine 19581329
Early Use of Coleraine Harbour1350
Encounter with the enemy2134-37
Foyle and Bann Shipping Association - 40 years afloat2435-36
Glasgow Steamer, Portrush Harbour1396
HMS Drake - Rathlin Island shipwreck23 1-2
"Hopley Galore" - legacy of the George a. Hopley2551-57
Last sailing for Portrush Container Service2465-66
Lower Bann Steamship Company1054-55
“Mary of Coleraine”5102
“Miss Dorothy” of Donaghadee (and the Bann Estuary)15100-103
Missing "man"2467
Pictorial history of shipping at Coleraine Harbour1716-17
Port of Coleraine135-38
Port of Coleraine457-58
Portrush Shipwrecks811-14
Portstewart's appalling sea tragedy659-64
“Princess Victoria” Disaster91-7
“Princess Victoria” Disaster – for passenger names see PEOPLE
River Bann Pilots161-6
“Scotch Boats”1144-47
“Scotch Boats”1621
Shipwreck of the “Falcon”, 1866221
Steamships “Kitty of Coleraine”1054-55

Trade & Industry

Agivey Brick and Tile Works1656-64
Anchor Bar, Portstewart1048-53
Apprentice grocer Coleraine 1788574
Around the Car Parks – Old Coleraine Trades315-19
Ballantyne's Sportswear Factory1095
Bann Steam Mills (Lawrence's)111
Basket Maker447
Belfast Bank with Coleraine Crest2469
Bellas, H & T1348-49
Best Colerains134
Bird in the Hand” Inn658
Bishops – a family business865-67
Blacksmiths at Kennedy's Foundry,Terrace Row178
Blacksmiths of Coleraine315-19
Boone, Benjamin A. Watchmaker24vi
Businesses in Abbey Street529
Businesses in Hanover Place, c. 1920530-31
Cassidy and Lynn975
Chemist's Shop – White's of New Row, c. 1940's871-75
Chipboard Manufacturing at Castleroe131-7
Clark's of Upperlands122-23
Clarke's staff, Kingsgate Street, 193514viii
Clockmaker – see People – Kennedy, Hugh
Coach building in Coleraine2162-65
Coleraine Markets699-101
Coleraine Whiskey138-13
Coleraine Woolworth's Quartet January 19561551
Colerains, quality Irish Linen1939-40
Collins Scutch Mill35
Colquhoun, J & Son23x
Commercial salmon fishing on the Bann and North Coast181-17
Culcrow Corn Mill267-70
Culcrow Mill revisited1293-94
Distillery up for sale1988
Dixons of Coleraine587-92
Drumcroon Flax Mill – McCollum's123-25
Drumcroon Flax Mill – McCollum's23
Fisheries Management – salmon fishing115-21
Fishery at the Cutts, Coleraine, 1689571
Fishing industry in Portstewart234-13
Food prices in Coleraine, 1914 – 19165108
Fowl Man447
Garvagh Businesses1326-27
Gas Works1799
Golden Boot2520
Grain Milling in Coleraine1880-88
Gribbon's Mill falls to the demolisher's hammer1956
Gribbon, Edward & Sons1336-39
Hamill's Coach Works22xi
Huey & Henderson fan light5109
Hugh Wade & Son2140-42
Hunter's Mill, Mullaghininch, Aghadowey798
Huston, R.H.982-83
Inglis Breadcart passing Mountsandel Farm c192016xi
Kennedy's Foundry, Coleraine253-56
Kennedy's Foundry, Coleraine9 105
Kennedy's Foundry, Coleraine1314-25
Laundry Services in the 20th. Century1340-46
Leonard,John, Photographer596-97
Lilliput Laundry Railway Road Coleraine2538
Linen Manufacture
Long's Shoeshop1088
Lynas' Fish Shop2469
Mack's Photographers6116-119
Made in Coleraine2074
Mannequins at Opening of Dixon & Co., Coleraine 19541738
Marshall's Carriers outside St.Patrick's Church2295
Maypole shop1698
McCandless, J. & assistants in shop16ix
McCloskey's Hairdresser1083
McCollum's scutch mill workers 192223
McDermott's shirt factory1892
McLean's,J.J. Grocer's shop c19552269
McMurtry's Saddlery1347
Memories of New Row, Coleraine, c.1941868-75
Mills of Tullaghbane15104-107
Model Bakery, C.Craig & Co. Ltd. Coleraine24iv
Moody's Carpenter's Workshop in Articlave, 19081331
Moore's of Coleraine1089-90
Moore, D. & Sons, Ltd., Foundry860-64
More Coleraine Blacksmiths1332-35
Morley, J. and R.975
Morrison's Shop, Bridge St., Coleraine454
Morrison's Shop, Bridge St., Coleraine876-79
Motor Trade in Coleraine, the Growth853-59
Novus Styles983-84
Paul's Fashions1698
Pedal power of the Stanleys2330-34
Pig Killer449-50
Pig Weighbridge, Blindgate St., Coleraine1095
Rabbit Catcher446
Record Shops1521-28
Rogers' – Coleraine Shirt and Collar Factory975-78
Ross's shop at corner of Church Street and Brook Street, Coleraine14x
Ross, Wm. & Sons, Caterers, Coleraine14xi
Rural Smiths of Aghadowey, Agivey and Macosquin320-25
Rural Tradesmen446-50
Shirt-Making Industry975-84
Shops and businesses of Coleraine, c. 1920's880-91
Short history of the Bengers Factories Coleraine2229-33
Song of the Shirt1271-75
Staff and Workforce, MacFarlane's Undertakers, Church St.18xvi
Station Master's house and buildings, Waterside14102
Story of a family business with 3 generations of McDonald family2279-84
Tailoring, Dixons587-92
Tailoring, Rural – Downs, Alex222-28
Tannery, Stone Row140-42
Tea Merchants447-48
Tern Consulate – V.H. Wright983
The Carthall Brick and Tile Works2854
Todd, W.F. (shop)22viii
Trades and Professions of Coleraine 100 years ago, 19131927-33
Trocadero Bakery Queen Street2538
Wellbrook Beetling Mill17iv
White House, Portrush 229-36
White House, Portrush c.189119vi
Workers at Stewart's flax mill, Boghill, Coleraine. 19101328
Young's Nurseries2350-62

Transport & Communications

Bann Drainage Scheme1441-44
Bann Estuary Railway1591-92
Building the Barmouth1489-94
Bus Terminal, Portrush, 19501063
Castlerock Railway Station15viii
Charabanc, Henry's Coast Tours74
Coleraine Bridges51
Coleraine Bridges514-15
Coleraine Bridges569
Crossing the Lower Bann (Jennifer Cunningham) 2725-29
Doherty's Omnibus and Jaunting Cars1050
Henry's Coach Tours7 2
Henry's Coach Tours7 4
Jaunting Cars1050
Laying the foundation stone of the New Bridge, Coleraine1952-53
Mod Revival or Mid Life Crisis?1871-73
Public Transport Services in Portstewart115-34
The Derry Central Railway 1880-1959
(Frances Wilson)
Wullie's Motor Car1439
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