15 October 2019 – Geoff Warke on The Girl from Theatre Street

Before Geoff gave his talk vice-chairman Mike Jones told us that Dunboe Gardens are to be refurbished also the Bruce family vault.

Geoff spoke of Benjie Bruce the 4th son of Sir Hervey Jukes Lloyd Bruce, 4th Baronet of Downhill, who spent much of his early life in Downhill House. He became a British diplomat in Vienna, 1905-08, Berlin 1908-13 and St. Petersberg from 1913. Here he met and fell in love with ballerina Tamara Karsavina. Although she was married they had a child and did not marry until 1918. Due to the troubles in Russia they fled to Britain via Murmansk. Benjie died in 1951 and Tamara in 1978.




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