18 October 2022 – The Rt Hon Andrew Bonar Law – Speaker: Prof. Graham Walker

18 October 2022 

The Rt Hon Andrew Bonar Law 

Speaker: Professor Graham Walker


This month’s talk was on ZOOM only.   The YouTube link below is the recording of the talk – I hope you enjoy.

CLICK LINK:      Rt Hon Andrew Bonar Law, Prof Graham Walker 18/10/2022

Coleraine Historical members from around the globe enjoyed Prof Graham Walker’s (QUB) talk on Rt Hon Andrew Bonar Law. Graham’s engaging style and in-depth knowledge of his topic made it a very interesting an inciteful hour via Zoom link up.

Often known as the ‘forgotten’ or ‘unknown’ Prime Minister, this year sees the 100th anniversary of Bonar Law’s holding of the position. At time of writing, his is the shortest premiership of the past 100 years

The  talk on The Rt Hon Andrew Bonar Law was be delivered by  Emeritus Professor of Political History at Queen’s University Belfast. He has published extensively in the subject areas of British and Irish history and politics. He is the author of political biographies and studies of political parties including a history of the Ulster Unionist Party. He is the joint author of a forthcoming work on Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Union.

The talk will assess the political career of Andrew Bonar Law who became Prime Minister one hundred years ago in 1922. It will also be concerned with his family connection to Ulster and his passionate interventions in the Irish Home Rule controversies of the years preceding the First World War.

The Andrew Bonar Law Memorial Project to mark the 100th anniversary of Bonar Law becoming Prime Minister is fundraising to have a bust of Law placed in Coleraine Town Hall, to be unveiled in October 2022. More information can be found at Andrew Bonar Law Memorial – 100 Years NI Centenary

Apologies to those who were not aware that the meeting was on ZOOM only.

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