20 April 2021 – Homes for Heroes – Nigel Henderson

Tuesday 20 April 2021
Homes for Heroes
Nigel Henderson


In this presentation, Nigel Henderson will be talking about the cottages built for veterans of in the Coleraine and Portrush districts in the 1920s. The talk will include a brief background to the cottage-building scheme and brief details of the numbers of cottages built in Northern Ireland between 1921 and 1939. Nigel will provide details of the three cottage-types constructed in the area but will focus on each of the sites where the cottages were built and, more, importantly on the veterans living in the cottages in 1932. For each site, details of the size of the plot, the price for which it was purchased and the vendor will be included.

Nigel Henderson is a history graduate of Queen’s University, Belfast, and is a member of History Hub Ulster. Whilst his focus is researching Belfast Presbyterians in the Great War, he is involved in a number of war-related projects. In addition to documenting the cottages built for veterans between the two world wars, Nigel has an extensive record of war fatalities who are buried or memorialised elsewhere but commemorated in graveyards in Ulster. He is also documenting war-related stained-glass windows in Ulster and History Hub Ulster published a book detailing a selection of Nigel’s favourite war memorials in Ulster. Nigel is also researching the Great War fatalities commemorated on the war memorials for Belfast’s shipyards and is documenting the burial locations of the civilian killed during the bombing of Northern Ireland by the German air force in April and May 1941. Nigel is part of the History Hub Ulster team that provides a research facility for the Inniskilling Museum’s “Trace a Relative” service.

Homes built for Heroes
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