20 October 2020 – Andrew Kane – Old Coleraine Elections



Andrew Kane

Andrew is a Trustee of the North of Ireland Family History Society and active member
their Causeway Coast and Glens Branch. He is also a member of several other local history
groups in the Coleraine area where his family have lived for at least 12 generations. He has
published a well-received book on the history of the Town of Coleraine and is currently
working on a sequel. He now works as a Research Consultant for the Ulster Historical
Foundation in Belfast handling wide range of, mainly genealogical, commissions and
assisting in delivering their courses programme. He has also done private
research for individuals and broadcasters.

Andrew Kane delivered an extremely interesting talk on early electoral practices in Coleraine.  For many years, from the time of Queen Anne in the early eighteenth century, the contests were between nominees of the Beresford and Jackson families and the strategies put forth by  each side to return their candidates made for an extremely entertaining story.  A very interesting and informative talk on a subject that many in the audience might not have known about.   On conclusion, Andrew kindly responded to the many questions put to him by an appreciative audience.

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