21 September 2021 – Emigration from Ireland – DR LINDE LUNNEY

21 September 2021

Emigration from Ireland



Dr Linde Lunney
             Dr Linde Lunney

Linde Lunney grew up in north Antrim, and after Bushmills Grammar school, went on an exchange programme scholarship to east Tennessee, then studied at Edinburgh University 1972-1976 and has a PhD from Queen’s.

She is now retired, but from 1983 she was employed in the Dictionary of Irish Biography in the Royal Irish Academy Dublin; this is a multivolume reference work containing well over 10, 000 biographies, published in 2009 and updated regularly online. Local history and genealogy, research into hundreds of minor figures, have been her constant pursuits, and she was centrally involved in planning commemorations of a major emigration in 1718 from the Bann Valley


Linde Lunney is particularly interested in the subject of emigration as it affected the area round Coleraine and Ballymoney, and her talk will examine several emigration events throughout 150 years after the notable departure in 1718.  The talk is structured round the lives of five significant individuals, four from the Ballymoney area, and one from near Coleraine, and will focus on a few themes that seem to run through their careers, and which must have been important to many other lives and families in our local communities. Her talk won’t be light hearted, because emigration and related subjects will always fundamentally mean damage and losses, but hopefully it won’t be heavy going either!

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