Outing 17 June 2017

Twenty nine members and guests went on the Outing.

Our first stop was Sinclair Seamen’s Church in Corporation Square, Belfast. A most interesting church which was built in 1857 and contains many maritime artefacts including the bell from HMS Hood (WW1), a ship’s wheel and capstan, an incliner, binnacle, ship’s log and an anchor.


Our next stop was the gasworks museum in Carrickfergus, the only one in Ireland. To sustain us before the talk and tour we were offered tea, coffee, biscuits and tray bakes. A comprehensive tour explained the production of gas from coal from 1855 to 1987. Many examples of  gas powered equipment were on display. Some brave members climbed to the top of the gas holder and had an excellent view over the town. After closure the plant was restored by Carrickfergus Gasworks Preservation Society.


A substantial meal was served in the Chimney Corner Hotel before our last stop in the village of Gracehill which was set up by Moravians, from what is now the  Czech Republic, in 1765. After a visit to the old school house we then had a  walk around the grass covered square which was was so peaceful. Finally we visited the church and here we learnt of the early and present life and customs of a Moravian in the village.

Some of the houses in the village will be open to the public on Heritage Weekend in September.

gracehill church
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