Tuesday 21 February 2023 – ‘Along the North Coast with AJSSketchArt’ – Adrian Steele FRSA

Bishop's Gate, Downhill

‘Along the North Coast with AJSSketchArt’ 

Tuesday 21 February 2023

Adrian Steele FRSA


Adrian Steele, FRSA, is a visual artist and singer who seeks to promote community through art. His particular interests are in the built environment and the folksong tradition, and he offers talks and presentations centred on these areas. Any and all proceeds are donated to charities supporting community and well-being.

In this presentation Adrian  will share a number of sketches of important/interesting buildings from across the north coastal area – and information regarding their historical significance, characters associated with them, and so on. Throughout, audience contribution will be welcomed – to add to, correct, redirect etc.






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